“Pitch Perfect”‘s Brittany Snow On Being In A “Lesbian Scene” In Almost Every Movie

“It’s very strange, because every movie that I’ve done, almost, I’ve always had a lesbian scene in some way. In ‘John Tucker Must Die,’ I kissed Sophie Bush and in [‘Pitch Perfect’] I’m in the shower naked with [Anna Kendrick]. I don’t know why! It’s just so strange how I attract that … fine by me!”

The Frisky caught up with actress Brittany Snow at a screening of her new movie “Pitch Perfect” in LA last week, and she gave us some background details on her naked shower scene with costar Anna Kendrick. (Which, by the way, should be a pretty easy selling point if you’re trying to convince your boyfriend or another dude to see the movie.) The cast of “Pitch Perfect” — which is about a high school a cappella group — will be on hand for tonight MTV Video Music Awards. Check out the cute promo video they shot for the show, after the jump!