“Only Decent People”: The Dutch Film About Black Women’s Asses That Looks Pretty Racist

Anyone out there in the Frisky-verse speak Dutch? Because I would really love to understand what is going on in the trailer for “Only Decent People” (“Alleen Maar Nette Mensen”), a new film in The Netherlands that many people are decrying as racist. The film is about a white Jewish guy who dumps his white girlfriend when he realizes that he really loves a woman with a big booty, so he starts dating black women. Clutch Magazine reports that the black community in The Netherlands is cricizing the film and the novel it is based on, for portraying black women as “hyper-sexual” and most valued by society for the size of (some of) their asses.  And watching the trailer, even in Dutch, it’s not hard to see how they came to that conclusion.

As a white chick, I will leave the critiques of “Only Decent People” and what it means about race, gender and standards of beauty in the far more capable hands of bloggers of color. (If you want to go do your own reading, searching the term “Venus Hottentot” would be a good place to start.) Dutch writers would also speak better to the specific racial tensions in The Netherlands that this film may be depicting/spoofing.

However, I will say — again, not having seen the actual film in English — that I am intrigued by any story of an interracial relationship and I hope that there is something salvageable in this film about it.

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