Everything You Need To Know About Victoria, The Liberty University Student With Mommy Issues Who Is The Best Thing To Happen To “America’s Next Top Model”

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 5, 2012

Every competition reality show always has one looney bird who keeps you watching just to see what they do next. On cycle 19 of “America’s Next Top Model,” that looney bird is a Victoria. Victoria has the same mile-long legs as the other competitors, plus gorgeous eyes and a head of beautiful, long brown hair. But as soon as she opens her mouth, she’s a little … odd.

Victoria is an online student at the uber-Christian college Liberty University, whose appearance on the show is literally her first-ever socialization with girls her own age. She has a really, really, really close relationship with her mother — so close, in fact, that she doesn’t ever want a boyfriend because no man will ever fulfill her needs as much as her mom does. (That’s a direct quote.) Not surprisingly, Victoria has been home-schooled by Mommie Dearest since age nine … which means that dropping Victoria into the “Top Model” sorority house is like throwing raw meat to a pack of wolves.

But with her American flag hair bows and endearing social awkwardness, Victoria is the girl I’m most rooting for on “Top Model” this season.  She’s super-loopy, yes, but she’s gorgeous, dedicated, hard-working, and also totally genuine and sweet. My favorite loopy Victoria moments, after the jump!

1. I knew Victoria was special as soon as she met the judges and then lectured a stranger over the Internet not to be racist.

2. But she quickly cemented herself in my heart when she said she never wants to have a boyfriend and insisted she gets “all of the satisfaction of a relationship that I need from my mom.” She’s completely sheltered and  its a little creepy but at the same time I like her I’m a virgin and I don’t want a boyfriend, so what? attitude.

3. Yup, the rest of the house thinks she is weird all right.  Those ’80s calisthenics probably are not helping.

4. After so much time away from her mother, it should come as a surprise to no one that she eventually lost it, as evidenced from this sobbing phone call back home. I don’t want to laugh at the poor girl — we’ve all been homesick the first time away from our mamas —  but something about how completely hysterical and over-the-top she is getting is just kind of funny.

           5. Alas, “Top Model” is a modeling competition and just because you have a weird relationship with your mother doesn’t mean you can’t be a good model. The girl can walk down a runway. I like the little dance she does towards the end.

6. I am pretty much dying to watch Victoria acclimate to secular girl culture throughout cycle 19, like this teaser from the next episode of an argument between two other girls over who is a bigger bitch.

I can’t wait for Victoria to come back in this Friday’s episode. You know they are going to keep her on until the very end because she’s good TV. Maybe they will bring her mom up from Georgia. That could get really crazy.

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