“Abby & Brittany” Recap: Please Date Josiah!

I feel like an awful human being saying this, but TLC’s “Abby & Brittany” just isn’t living up to my expectations in terms of answering any of my technical questions. HOW DO THEY POOP? Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful, inspiring human beings. I enjoyed learning how they drive, watching them ride a Segway, student teach and get ready for their college graduation. The only scientifically interesting things I learned last night was that their stomachs hurt on opposite sides when they eat too much pizza and that they can simultaneously be different temperatures. Weird. The most exciting bit of the show, besides the previews for “Breaking Amish” (which looks enthralling by the way … Rumspringa!), was their hang out session Josiah, their “best friend.” Best friend, eh? Um, I think they are both in lurrvvvvveeee with Josiah. It’s so obvious. But are the feelings reciprocal? Let’s assess the romantic tension after the jump.

First of all, mixing boys and girls is not “awkward” Josiah, it’s natural. Please note the way the girls throw their heads back and laugh at everything Josiah says, even though he’s not funny. Tell tale sign. Also, please note the way Josiah makes sexually charged jokes about the twins liking “pork loins” and getting “two for the price of one,” although I don’t believe he understands the full implication of that statement. So what if his unique bond with Abby and Brittany is that they are like sisters to him? That could definitely change once he loses his virginity. But all the jokes and the connecting on a serious level are the basis for a beautiful relationship(s). Plus, Josiah’s hot. But maybe I’m just reaching for something that will keep me interested in the show. Abby, Brittany and Josiah? Thoughts?