(Another) Open Letter To EducationConnection.com

Dear EducationConnection.com,

On March 15 of this year, I wrote you a letter in reference to your commercial featuring Corn Dog Girl, wherein I raised many questions and concerns. Those questions still remain unanswered. But I am still hopeful for your response.

Onto the real reason I’m writing. In paragraph two of my March 15 query, I mentioned, in passing, my thoughts about your commercials featuring Shannen Doherty:

“I kind of got the one with Shannen Doherty. But not really. Is Shannen done being an actress? Or is she going to college to do research for a part? And why does her face look so strange? It doesn’t really look like she’s had work done. But there is something weird going on with her mouth, right?”

Upon watching this alternate version of your Shannen Doherty commercial, which I had never seen before, I found that all of my questions were addressed. Well, most of them. (I also found the comments on the YouTube page to be highly entertaining.)

Shannen says she has played the girl next door and the girl not-so-next door, but now she wants to do something for her. She confesses that she’s always dreamed of getting her college degree, and instead of actually attending college (she wants to be able to study while she’s on the set or traveling), she’s decided to get a Liberal Arts degree online. With EducationConnection.com’s guidance, I presume. This still doesn’t make perfect sense. But it sounds like she still considers herself an actress, and wants a college degree just to say she has one. She doesn’t plan on using it or anything. I’m still not sure why her face looks so strange. But I guess that’s not something you can discuss with me.

Had I known about this whole “having a college degree and not using it” thing, I might also have pursued the EducationConnection.com route and saved myself the many of thousands of dollars I spent on my Liberal Arts degree (that I don’t use). But probably not, because online education didn’t really exist when I was in college.

Anyways, thanks for clarifying, EdducationConnection.com. And I look forward to hearing back about Corn Dog Girl.

All my best,

Ami Angelowicz