11 Proposed Sequels For Zac Efron’s Rom Com “Are We Officially Dating?”

Zac Efron is going to film a new movie called “Are We Officially Dating?”, which could also be the title of a documentary about my dating life. (Pro tip: if you have to ask, the answer is usually “no.”)

That got me thinking about other dispatches from my romantic life that could be titles for movies. 

  1. You Look Nothing Like Your OK Cupid Photo
  2. The Frequency With Which You IM Me At Work Makes Me Think You Don’t Work Very Hard
  3. There’s No Way In Hell I Can Afford That Restaurant So You Had Better Be Treating
  4. You’ve Been Divorced For How Long?
  5. We Both Know We’re Not Going Back To My House For A Glass Of Wine
  6. Be A Gentleman And Ignore My Teddy Bear
  7. Do You Usually Sweat This Much In Bed? Is It A Health Thing?
  8. Actually I Don’t Like It When You Bite Me There
  9. You Pulled Out In Time, Right?
  10. I Think I Have The Morning After Pill In A Drawer Somewhere
  11. That Girl “Jenny” Who Just Texted You Is Your Sister, Right?

You are welcome, Hollywood.

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