First Look: Goodbye, Life Savings; Hello, NARS x Andy Warhol

You know that saying about love — you know, the classic line from the classic film “The Hot Chick” — that it makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time? Well, I have intimacy issues, but that’s the kind of feeling I get towards new makeup releases, particularly when not one, but two, of my favorite icons are involved. Let’s get down to it: I’m talking Andy Warhol, artist, socialite, pop culture hero, as the inspiration behind a cosmetic line from makeup innovator and photographer François Nars. The NARS founder and namesake has crafted the brand’s — and the Warhol Foundation’s — largest collaboration, with Andy as its muse.

The NARS Andy Warhol Holiday Collection is divided into two separate collections, one a colorful Pop Art tribute that launches at Sephora on October 1, and the other geared towards edgier “downtown” offerings inspired by the Factory and to be sold at department and specialty stores beginning November 1. Nars said of his decision to collaborate with the artist’s estate, “It seemed like a natural fit to create a collection that Andy himself might have a hand in if he were alive today.” Depressingly, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about something. [WWD]