Harrod’s In London Debuts Gender Neutral Toy Store

  • Harrod’s, the famous department store in London, has finally debuted their gender-neutral toy store in which toys are grouped by theme, rather than “boys” and “girls.” The toy store has sections for stuffed animals, books, candy, and other toys but doesn’t stick to an exclusively pink or blue color palette. Very cool!  [The Mary Sue]
  • Condoleezza Rice was supposedly pooh-poohed as a vice presidential choice for Mitt Romney because she is too liberal on reproductive rights and gay marriage. [Queerty]
  • A household maid might have accidentally made an appearance in the background of a 10-minute video that aired last night at the Republican National Convention. [ColorLines]
  • Conservative women are reportedly divided on Rep. Todd Akin, who made everyone facepalm two weeks ago with his offensive comments about “legitimate rape.” Really, ladies, how can you be “divided” on that? [NBC News]
  • On the children of “legitimate rape.” [The New Yorker]
  • Opponents of the National Go Topless Day event in Asheville, North Carolina, have filed a complaint with the police department claiming the cops refused to stop topless women from “behaving sexually” during the event … despite the fact state law allows women to be topless in public.  [Asheville Citizen-Times]
  • A chef in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is the target of a new website set up by 22 former female employees claiming he sexually harasses women on his staff. [New York Daily News]
  • On sexism against men. [The Jane Dough]
  • Artist Judith Chicago (“The Dinner Party”) on Pussy Riot and radical art. [International Business Times]
  • 25 reasons we still need feminism. [Gurl]
  • Palestine is making it easier for women to separate from their husbands. [Washington Post]
  • British youth report being confused about what constitutes sexual consent. [Guardian UK]
  • Who are the Japanese “gals”? [BBC]
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