Completely Offensive: Says “Lesbian Chic” Is The Next Big Thing

Because sexual identity is practically the same as wearing heels or flats, the fine fashionistas at have declared that lesbian chic is the next big thing. In an article on the site, writer Maya Singer notes that:

Lesbians! They’re everywhere. This summer, the New York fashion scene was buzzing with gossip about a couple of high-profile ladies who ditched their marriages and started dating women; across the pond, meanwhile, British Vogue ran a whole article on that phenomenon, while society rag Tatler chimed in with a feature on London’s seven “loveliest lesbians.” (Only seven?) Just last week, posted photos on its homepage of the nuptials of model Harmony Boucher and her bride, Nicole.

And then:

“I think when you see girls running around in Air Jordans and baseball caps, then yeah, something’s moved,” says Mel Ottenberg, the fashion editor of Purple and a stylist for Rihanna. “I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of that look as ‘lesbian,’ necessarily, but I can say that in the past year, Rih’s wearing combat boots in situations where before, nothing but four-inch-heel stiletto booties would do.”

Lesbians, guys, they are simply everywhere! They’re like air. Or Justin Bieber. And they’re even influencing Rihanna! What’s wrong with this? Everything. The idea that there is some kind of “look” associated with lesbianism is totally condescending and homophobic. Then! The idea that lesbianism can be reduced to a style is really tokenistic. It’d be equally offensive if there was an attempt to distill “straight girls” down into one look. Lesbianism is not a social trend, or some kind of arbitrary aesthetic choice — it’s a sexual identity that is as concrete as eye color or shoe size. []