Awesome Customer Service Experience: MinkPink Rules

Generally, I am too lazy or busy to bother writing complaint notes to companies when their products let me down. And often, my rage/annoyance dissipates before I have the time or resources to do anything about it. But after having a problem with a MinkPink dress, I felt the need to complain. And I am so glad I did.

I bought a MinkPink summer dress at a local boutique, but after washing it once and air drying it, the dress shrunk to beyond a point I was comfortable wearing it. It went from a dress to a shirt dress. I talked to the folks at the boutique where I purchased it, and they said that I didn’t follow the washing directions to a T, so I was responsible. Okay, fair enough. So then I found the dress again, online and on sale, and because I loved it so much, I purchased it again. This time, I followed the washing directions exactly — but ended up with the same result. A dress that was shorter than I felt comfortable wearing.

So I found a contact on the MinkPink website and sent them a note, explaining that I loved the brand, but was frustrated that I’d purchased the same dress twice, and had ended up with an unwearable garment. I stressed that I was very into the brand, but had a tough time justifying buying anything else from them after what had happened.

I didn’t hear anything.

And then yesterday, two months after I sent the original note, I got a phone call from Jennifer Welsh, who helps run the distribution company that ships MinkPink. She explained that my email had just made it to her, and she wanted to make sure that I felt like the brand heard me. I explained the situation to her, and told her that I now had two copies of the same dress that I couldn’t wear. She asked me about the types of dresses and brands that I liked, and apologized for my trouble. She also went above and beyond, and noted that while the style of dress that I liked appeared to be sold out, she would do her best to find me one. A few minutes later, I received a follow up email from Jennifer; she had found a sample of the dress and was going to ship me that, along with a another dress that Jennifer thought I would like. (I will not be washing this one at all.)

The upshot: It pays to complain if you have a legitimate complaint. It may take you a couple minutes, but the pay off — if you do it in a respectful way — can totally be worth it.

Have you had a particularly good or bad customer service experience?