Who Are The 10 Models With The Most Vogue Covers To Their Name?

This year’s September issue of Vogue is, for lack of a better word, epic. It’s, like, 1,000 pages, 600 of them ads, and not one of which includes a beauty spread. (I mean, come on, that’s why I buy these damn magazines.) What it does include is an exhaustive history lesson in all things Vogue, spanning from the magazine’s very society-mag roots in 1892 to the upper echelon, high fashion-driven, Anna Wintour-helmed incarnation of today. In its 120-year history, they’ve featured a number of models on the cover more than once, but only an illustrious few have landed the coveted spot in double digit figures. Behold, the ten most frequent cover girls of all time — the answers may surprise you, but then again, maybe not.

  1. Lauren Hutton, 26 covers
  2. Jean Shrimpton, 20
  3. Karen Graham, 20
  4. Cindy Crawford, 18
  5. Claudia Schiffer, 16
  6. Jean Patchett, 16
  7. Amber Valletta, 16
  8. Veruschka, 12
  9. Gisele Bundchen, 11
  10. Kate Moss, 8