Last Night At The RNC: Mike Huckabee Invokes Bono And Implies President Obama Supports Infanticide!

I’m pretty far left, so full disclosure, the views expressed at the Republican National Convention are not my cup of tea. But I still watch the speeches and try to ignore the lump of depression that rises and settles in my throat every time the crowd cheers for something that stands in stark contrast to my own ideals. Anyway, with that out of the way, was anyone else kind of baffled by the speech Mike Huckabee gave last night? I expect a lot of things from Mike Huckabee — a fatherly demeanor, references to God, anti-choice extremism — but his invoking of Bono, “an Irishman” and lead singer of the band U2, was not one of them.

“Sometimes — sometimes we get so close to the picture, we really can’t see it clearly.  I’ve had the privilege of working with Bono for the past few years in the One Campaign to fight AIDS and hunger and disease around the world.  Bono is an Irishman and a great humanitarian.  And I remember him telling me of his admiration for America.  He said, ‘America’s more than just a country.  We are an idea.’ And he reminded me that we are an exceptional nation with an extraordinary history who owes it to the generations who are coming after us to leave them with an extraordinary legacy.”

Huckabee hosts a show on Fox News and did interview Bono at the end of last year. Bono, of course, is involved in AIDS activism, particularly in Africa, and has worked with politicians on both sides of the aisle on those efforts. That being said, the Bono I’m familiar with is someone who would probably balk at having his words used in a speech in support of some pretty conservative ideals. But maybe I’m wrong and Bono gave Huckabee the ol’ thumbs up. Maybe they’re bros! So weird.

Also in Huckabee’s speech? A thinly veiled assertion that President Barack Obama supports infanticide! Huckabee said that Obama “believes that human life is disposable and expendable at any time in the wound, even beyond the womb.” Am I missing something? I’m pretty sure that while Obama supports a woman’s right to choose, he likes babies.

You can watch Huckabee’s speech above and read the transcript here.