John Galliano Sues The House Of Dior For $18.8 Million

Last year’s anti-Semitism scandal saw John Galliano ousted unceremoniously from both Christian Dior and his own eponymous label, but there are two sides to every story, which may have something to do with why the besmirched former creative director is now suing the fashion house for the grand sum of $18.8 million.

That’s right: Galliano, who was condemned following his loathsome drunken tirade at a Parisian bar in February 2011 and stripped of his Chevalier of the Legion of Honor award by newly minted French president François Hollande just last week, filed an “employee/employer dispute claim” against the company on Tuesday, with a Paris hearing set for February 4, 2013. There is virtually (it’s France, who knows?) no chance of the designer emerging victorious from this lawsuit, but regardless, wouldn’t it be vastly more honorable for a figure so reviled to take responsibility for his actions rather than try to profit from them? He did, after all, publicly proclaim to love and support Hitler. People generally don’t take kindly to that. [Telegraph]