Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Punched Delivery Man Over Garlic Knots

Few people understand the importance of getting an order right. But Robert Wheeler does. Wheeler, of Vero Beach, Florida (of course), was so incensed by his pizza delivery guy forgetting to bring him garlic knots that he actually beat up the delivery driver. The driver said Wheeler then told him to “give that to the person working on the phone back at the restaurant.”

Wheeler has the words “Fat Boy” tattooed on his arms and weighs 346 pounds, so you can imagine how important those garlic knots were. Not sure what a garlic knot is? As Will Greenlee of, the news agency that originally reported the story, explains: “Garlic knots are buttery, garlicky knots of dough — often pizza dough — that many consider positively scrumptious. Violence is not typically associated with garlic knots.” Just so we’re clear. [TCPalm]