The 4 Most Interesting Moments From TLC’s “Abby & Brittany” Premiere

TLC is like my spirit animal cable channel, so my hopes were lofty for “Abby & Brittany,” the new show about 22-year-old identical, conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel. I saw TLC’s special about them way back when they were 16 and getting their driver’s license. Then, I saw some British special filmed when they were 19 and Brittany was believed to be engaged. I was hoping “Abby & Brittany” would be all about navigating one twin’s relationship. And maybe even HOW SEX WORKS FOR THEM. They have one vagina. So is it considered a threesome when Brittany has sex with her fiance? I need to know!

But the premiere episodes came and went without any mention of Brittany’s dude. The twins both seem to be single and focusing on normal college stuff like hanging out with friends, throwing parties, dancing and graduating with a degree in childhood education. As they should be, of course. I like that Abby and Brittany are kicking so much ass at normal life, but I still have so many questions, most technical and vulgar. I’m sorry. I’m curious. As detailed as it got was a cursory explanation from one of their college roommates. “They have two hearts, two sets of lungs, two stomachs, and everything below the waist is just one. Like they have one reproductive system and Britt just controls the left side and Abby controls the right side of the body.” That was it. Blah.

We did get to see Abby and Brittany face a few of life’s every day challenges. Not including dating, sex or going to the bathroom. The things that I was curious about. But still, some interesting stuff nonetheless.

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Filed under things I was not initially curious about but found fascinating, was hearing Abby and Brittany talk about negotiating a salary for their first job as teachers. They want to ask for one salary to start, but eventually, with experience, they want to negotiate for more because they have two degrees. Also of interest, they are graduating from Bethel college with two degrees, but they pay one and half times tuition because they attend all the same classes.

I’m hoping more of my burning questions will be answered as the series continues. Feel free to add your questions in the comments and we can speculate.