Make Music With Old Spice’s New Stud, Terry Crews

Isaiah Mustafa has moved onto to bigger and better things, meaning, he’s a new host on the Hulu show “The Morning After.” He doesn’t have time to get nekkid and make sexual innuendos for Old Spice anymore. But that’s just fine with me, considering they’ve recruited Terry Crews to impress the world with his muscle-activated music-playing. Muscles! WHAT? And I need to learn to play the flame sax ASAP.

This isn’t just an amazing advertisement, it’s an interactive one. You can use your keyboard to control Terry as he becomes your musical, muscle-flexing puppet. You can even record your own music. Somehow. It will probably take me the rest of the day to figure it out. I am challenged like that. If anyone figures it out, please share your musical masterpieces. Also, if you can figure out what this has to do with Old Spice, I would like to understand that as well. [Buzzfeed]