All Republican National Convention, All The Time!

  • Mitt Romney’s sister Jane says he is “not going to be be touching” the issue of abortion if he becomes president, calling her brother “more in the middle.” Hmm, something tells me Jane Romney is not going to be allowed to talk to the press anymore! [National Journal]
  • Meet Mia Love, a Republican African-American Mormon mayor who spoke at last night’s Republican National Convention. [ABC News]
  • Is Ann Romney really the asset to her husband’s presidential campaign that everyone assumes? [The New Republic]
  • Also, Frisky contributor Nona Willis Aronowitz on Ann Romney as a “mommy martyr.” [Marie Claire]
  • Some Republican women are hoping that sexist blabby-mouthed men in their party will just shut up. [Reuters]
  • Are we surprised that male journalists are dominating the election coverage? No, no, we are not. [4th Estate]
  • Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan once had a black girlfriend. But does that matter? [NPR]
  • Todd Akin is actually leading Claire McCaskill in the polls, people. [The Daily Beast]
  • On how Barbara Bush sets the stage for Republican presidential nominees’ wives. [AP]
  • A petition for a “fetal personhood” amendment to be placed on the November ballot has failed. “Fetal personhood” amendments seek to criminalize all abortions, IVF, and some birth control by declaring legally declaring a fertilized egg a “person.” [Think Progress]
  • On how to teach feminism and gender justice in middle school. [Feminist Teacher]
  • On the word “nappy” as an insult to some black women. [Clutch Magazine]
  • A women’s rights group in Israel is suing a radio station for gender discrimination for allegedly refusing to allow women on air as broadcasters or to appear as interviewees. [Jerusalem Post]
  • The Israeli Army has been cleared in the death of Rachel Corrie, a pro-Palestinian peace activist from the U.S. [Al-Jazeera]
  • A UK prison is looking into the “unnecessary and unacceptable” cutting off of women’s clothes with scissors when they are strip searched. [BBC]
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