TLC’s “Strange Sex”: Sex Furniture & Sleep Orgasms

Any new or cutting edge sexual info I get usually comes from Dan Savage’s podcast or TLC’s “Strange Sex,” so I try to keep abreast of those. Of course, I share anything stimulating that I learn with you. Sunday night’s episode of “Strange Sex” schooled me on sex furniture and sleep orgasms. And there was a guy who couldn’t get erections. (But that was just sad. I can’t write about him. Too depressing.) I know, you’re already getting excited. Settle down. Lessons forth coming.

First, sex furniture! I thought I knew what sex furniture was. I thought it was a fetish wherein one person pretended to be furniture. Where did I get that idea? Does that exist as well? Anyhow, this wasn’t about that.

This is about special furniture you use to have sex. Thirty-six-year-old real estate investor Josh and his 22-year-old veterinary student girlfriend Jasmine have an entire house furnished with sex furniture. Each piece supposedly accommodates multiple positions and enhances orgasm. Best part: it looks like normal furniture. Well, kind of. “Like, it makes life more lighthearted-like,” explains Jasmine.

I’m still not understanding how sex furniture is different than regular furniture, except for the fact that you can’t insert vibrators in your regular pillows. So, there’s that. But now we know what Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s house must have looked like.

And onto sleep orgasms! I had never heard of this before. Unless you count the incubus stories in witchcraft folk lore. (Incubi were believed to be male demons, which visited sleeping women and had sex with them.) But Carrie Ann doesn’t seem like she believes in that stuff. Her problem is that she can only have orgasms in her dreams. Like, she never hits the big O with her husband Chris or by masturbating. She has to be sleeping and dreaming to have one. And they don’t even involve sex dreams. What a rip off!

Carrie Ann goes to visit a hypnotherapist to help unlock the secret to her sleep orgasms. It’s not an incubus, it’s “control,” she says while hypnotized. Isn’t it always about control? Sigh. Anyhow, Carrie Ann is eventually able to unlock her orgasm.