The Creepy Art Work Of Jeffrey Johnson, The Empire State Building Shooter

According to The New York Post, is a website featuring the artwork of the Jeffrey Johnson, the 58-year-old man who killed his former manager in front of NYC’s Empire State Building last week, and eventually died at the hands of police. (Nine innocent bystanders were injured by police gunfire.)

As is the case with anyone who commits a heinous crime, it’s hard not to read into their personal detritus. In the same way I find it fascinating to analyze the art of serial killer John Wayne Gacy and get into his twisted psyche, I felt compelled  to look through Johnson’s work, which predominately featured scantily clad women, cars, airplanes, pirates and boats. This piece, from a series entitled Seafaring Vignettes, gave me the creeps. Not that I don’t like creepy art. I do. I’m a Matthew Barney fan. And not like Johnson would be the first unstable artist to ever walk the earth. But given the circumstances, something this piece seems … odd.

But maybe I’m just reading into it too much. I’ve included a few more of Johnson’s works. Click through and see what you think. [BlackBook]

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