Now You Can Literally Stalk Kate Middleton’s Outfits Via iPhone App

So obsessed with Kate Middleton’s outfits that you need to own them? There’s a new iPhone app called Kate’s Style List that shows each and every one of Kate’s outfits and directs you where to buy them online. Her gorgeous teal dress from the Olympic Gala in London is out of the question for most of us but Kate’s preppier looks like colored jeans, blazers, and her famous L.K. Bennett nude heels are affordable even if you aren’t married to a duke.

It seems a little stalker-ish to me, but it’s true that “the Kate effect” (just like “the Michelle effect”) causes her famous pieces to sell out. So if you’ve found yourself ogling any of Kate’s outfits from Topshop or Reiss but weren’t able to find them in stores, this app might be a smart investment of your $2.

In other news, the Jell-o wrestling match between Julie and I is scheduled for next week to finally decide whether Kate Middleton is a style icon or not. I have a feeling that Rachel is going to appear at the 11th hour on Julie’s team fighting like a squirrel monkey.

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