Britain’s “Fat Slag” Earthwork: My, What Beautiful Hills You Have!

There’s artwork and then there is earthwork, which is just what it sounds like: artwork built into the ground. This naked woman is “Northumberlandia,” a 1,300-by-830-ft long piece of landscape sculpture located in Northumberland in the UK. It’s the largest piece of “human body” earthwork in the world.

The earthwork is jokingly called the “fat slag” by the locals, which is a pun on the British slang word for slut or whore. But used in mining lexicon, “slag” also means trash/refuse such as rocks, dirt and coal dust. This “fat slag” was created from 1.5-million tons of slag from a coal mine, plus local greenery walkways around her exterior. Her breasts are actually walkway spirals (I’m assuming like circular staircases?) which rise up 100 feet. Created with help from Banks Mining Group and a Scottish landscape architect, “Northumberlandia” is located on a viscount’s estate in Cramlington.

Any UK Frisky readers can check out “Northumberlandia” in person after September 3, after she will be opened by Princess Anne … or just snap of a photo of her in all her naked majesty from the window of an airplane.

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[Photo: ArtInfo]