Brace Yourselves For A Possible Prince Harry Naked Partying Vegas Video!

Last week, we heard little whispers here and there that the nude photos from Prince Harry’s wild Vegas romp were not the whole story. A British publicist said he’d been approached by two women who claimed to have more photos and even video. Now the rumors are reaching a fever pitch with a source telling Radar Online there exists “video of Harry partying naked with women in the Las Vegas hotel room … There have been very quiet inquiries into how much the video is worth.” 

According to Radar’s source, the people shopping the video are trying to be “discreet” because “this video could generate an enormous privacy lawsuit but it could also make the seller rich.” I suspect whoever has the video not only afraid of an impending lawsuit but afraid it may get leaked first and ruin their  big payday. The Mirror tabloid says the woman filmed the video on her mobile phone.

Another source has told a Las Vegas gossip columnist that “something pretty gigantic” is still waiting to drop, which could mean anything from bad behavior from naughty Prince Hot Ginge … or a not-so-coded reference to the royal ween.

Apparently under pressure from his security team and the palace, Prince Harry has removed his Facebook page, which was posted under the psuedonym Spike Wells. Too bad he will not get to see Facebook group that’s sprung up to cheer his antics: “Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute” is 14,000 members strong and filled with half-naked folks wrapped in the Union Jack flag as they salute the camera.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, Pippa and James Middleton are like, “THANK GOD they are not paying attention to us anymore.”

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