“True Blood” Ends A Lackluster Season On An Orgasmic & Bloody High Note

I was thisclose to being done with “True Blood” after this season, which did not have nearly enough sex and fell too deeply down a weird vampire religion rabbit hole. Not even incestuous sex between Eric and his sister and a far-more-entertaining vampire Tara could hold my interest. But last night’s finale packed a serious punch and maybe compelled me to give the hole show another shot next season. Anyway, be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD!

In the two clips above, Andy Bellefleurs’s one night stand with Maurella the fairy has resulted in her being knocked up with his half-human spawn. When her “light breaks” in Merlotte’s, she gives birth right on one of the beer-soaked tables to four little bald babes. Which, apparently, are all Andy’s responsibility now. Oh, and clearly fairies are the ones behind the whole “orgasmic birth” phenomenon.

And lastly, has Bill really bought into the myth of Lilith? Um, I’d say so. Check out that clip above.