NH Sheriff Candidate Would Use “Deadly Force” To Stop Abortions (Because That Makes Sense)

“I would make abortion illegal after 12 weeks.”

“Yeah? Well, I would make it illegal even in cases of rape and incest.”

“Well, I would use deadly force to stop a woman from having an abortion.”

Wait, what? Yes, this is a thing a dude actually said.

Limousine service operator Frank Szabo is running for sheriff in Hillsboroguh County, New Hampshire and a reporter asked him about using deadly force to stop a threat against another human being (presumably referring to like crime like a mugging):

“I would respond specifically by saying that if someone is under threat, a full-grown human being, if they’re under threat, what should the sheriff do? Everything in their power to prevent them from being harmed.”

For reasons I do not understand at all, the reporter then specifically asked him about abortions:

“I would hope that it wouldn’t come to that, as with any situation where someone is in danger, but again, specifically talking about elective abortions and late-term abortions, that is an act that needs to be stopped.”

Translation? He would kill someone — The woman seeking the abortion or the doctor or both? Unclear! — from stopping an abortion from occurring. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. I guess “life” (scare quotes) is only “sacred” (scare quotes) if it’s inside a woman’s uterus, but not outside of it.

Thankfully other Republicans in NH seem to realize Szabo’s rhetoric is, uh, a bit inconsistent. The Republican House Speaker has called for him to drop out of the race; the Republican candidate for governor also publicly bashed him. In response, Szabo apologized and “fully retract[ed]”  his comments about using deadly force “against abortion doctors.” So glad he cleared that up.

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