Beauty Test Drive: JK Jemma Kidd Primer

I’ve always thought primer was a slightly dodgy beauty product. Do I really need to put more gunk on my face, on top of my moisturizer and serum but under my makeup? Apparently so.

I’ll admit primer does keep foundation and concealer on my face longer, which is ideal for days that my skin is speckled with pre-period pimples. I usually wore a primer from Smashbox, but only on rare those premenstrual occasions. However, when Target sent me their JK Jemma Kidd Instant Life Skin Perfecting primer to try, I gave it a shot.  

Price/Availability: $24, Target

Packaging: The packaging on most of Target’s designer makeup products are cute and JK Jemma Kidd is no different! It’s a tiny little tube that looks like toothpaste decorated with hot pink flowers.

Formula: JK Jemma Kidd Instant Life Skin Perfecting is more liquid than other primers I’ve tried, which had a more ointment-y feel. It is super light-feeling.  That’s good because it rubs into the skin, rather than feeling as though its sitting atop the skin, as the Tarte primer does. But it’s not-so-good in the sense that it feels like I’m rubbing it into oblivion as if it’s more moisturizer or serum. I’ll confess to be a little bamboozled about the product, especially since it has interacted poorly with my moisturizer in the past. When I wear this primer, I forgo my usual Salma Hayek Nuance moisturizer.

Wear Time: It does keep my skin feeling and looking hydrated all day. It’s more long-lasting on my dry skin than my moisturizer in that regard.

Overall: When I’m done with this free sample product I won’t be replacing it. For the $24 price tag, I’m happier with the quality of the Smashbox primer that I used before. I would, however, recommend it for someone who wants a primer that feels very light.

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