Saturday Playlist: Songs That Helped Us Deal

In honor of How To Deal Week, today’s Saturday Playlist is a collection of songs that helped us get through tough times in our lives. These are the songs we listened to as we dealt with break-ups, death, depression, family drama, being alone in a new city, and realizing our high school crush was never going to like us back. Listen to it as a whole, or pick and choose the tracks that speak to you, but either way, we hope this music will help you deal with whatever you’re going through. And believe us, it will get better…

Here are the stories behind a few of our picks:

“Circle” by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. It’s an oldie, but a goodie about caring about a friend who has kind of fallen off. — Julie

When I moved to a new city and didn’t know anyone, PJ Harvey’s album “Is This Desire?” helped me through it. — Ami

“Swim” by Ani DiFranco.  It’s about keeping your head above water when life gets tough. — Jessica

I am pretty sure Pearl Jam, as a band, got me threw the entirety of my teenage years, when I was secretly, quietly, deeply angry and felt alienated from basically everyone. But if I had to pick a song, “Black” really spoke to 14-year-old Amelia’s soul. I spent hours analyzing the lyrics. — Amelia

I couldn’t have gotten through my freshman year of college without A Perfect Circle. “Three Libras” is a song about feeling alone and invisible. — Winona

When my brother joined the marines, Puscifer’s “The Humbling River” helped me channel my fear and anger. “It will take a lot more than words and guns / a whole lot more than riches and muscle…” — Winona

The whole album “Vanishing Point” by Primal Scream was my really good friend when I was depressed my sophomore year of college. It was the only thing that understood me. — Ami

“Precious Illusions” by Alanis Morisette is about how everything is in our mind and we can control our bad feelings. — Jessica

I listened to the soundtrack to “The Graduate” over and over and over again the first semester of my freshman year of college. I was so incredibly homesick for my mom and I bought the CD the first weekend she came to visit me. She came last minute, taking a 10 hour bus ride, because I was missing her that much. So I listened to that album, featuring all songs by Simon and Garfunkal, particularly “Sounds of Silence,” to feel close to her even when she’d gone home. — Amelia

“Into The Void” by Nine Inch Nails. Ever since high school this has been the song I listen to whenever I feel totally psycho. It makes me feel more crazy and less crazy at the same time. I listen to this song a lot. — Winona

I listened to “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens on repeat for an entire evening. I wept. When I was done, it was as if all my demons had been exorcised. — Ami

“Fuck You” by Cee Lo is the perfect breakup song. — Jessica

The lyrics to “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” have gotten me through every single heartbreak at the hands of dude who didn’t deserve me. “I don’t like you / but I love you / seems that I’m always / thinking of you / oh you do me wrong now/ my love is strong now / you’ve really got a hold on me.” Damn. -- Amelia

Likewise, Hole’s “Violet” is the BEST song to jump around and scream to when you’re in a rage. I still do that! — Amelia

“I Used to be a King” by Graham Nash. This helped me two winters ago when I didn’t know whether or not I would have a job and I was working at home, alone for 7 months. I listened to the record over and over again. — Ami

“Beautiful Lasers” by Lupe Fiasco changes my life every time I listen to it. “My heart’s been broke for awhile / Yours been the one keeping me alive!” — Winona

“Bloodbuzz Ohio” by The National. This song gave me the strength to finish a half marathon even though my body didn’t think it was possible. — Ami

“So What” by Pink always makes me feel like a badass. — Jessica