I’m Coming Out … As A “Pretty Little Liars” Fan

I can’t hide it any longer — I’m coming out as a full-fledged “Pretty Little Liars” fan. I recognize that I have a problem, but I can’t help it: Yes, I’m an adult-type person who is totally obsessed with an ABC Family teen show. The show centers on four high school friends, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer. They all have their secrets and sketchy pasts, and that’s what makes the show so good. Here’s why I really, really love it…

The girls really are pretty little liars: Spencer, Emily, Hannah and Aria are really pretty! And they dress in awesome teen fashions. Plus, Aria has amazing eyebrows. Lucy Hale, who plays Aria, is on the cover of Cosmopolitan this month, so check her out and see what I mean.

There’s a murder plot involved: The show begins with the girls reeling from the death of their best friend/frenemy Allison. Allison is kind of a “Heathers”-style queen bee type, so completely awful. Consequently, there’s quite a few people that would’ve possibly wanted her dead. The girls are embroiled in trying to figure out what really happened to her, and engage in some major sleuthing. There’s snooping, crooked cops and even an weird semi-incestual sex plot!

There’s a whole stalking thing happening: Aside from dealing with the death/murder of their friend, the girls are also reckoning with a stalker, who seems to be Allison stalking them from beyond the grave. “A” sends the girls threatening texts and notes, and knows, like, everything that they’re doing at all times. Is “A” one person? A collective of crazers? Will we ever find out? So in addition to the murder plotline, the girls are also trying to solve who or what “A” is.

I’m a creep and there are lots of hot teenage boys on the show: The girls all have hot boyfriends. But! One of the girls is actually a lesbian, and the show treats her lesbian relationships with just as much time, attention and respect as the hetero relationships.

But there’s also a hot teacher sex plot! Oh, and one of the girls is sleeping with her hot, hot (really hot) teacher. So there’s that, too.

The first two seasons are available streaming on Netflix: There are approximately 47 episodes of the show — the first two seasons — available streaming on Netflix, which makes it the perfect thing to watch when you’re hungover and lying prostrate on the couch unable to move.

So, don’t judge me! And also, don’t put any spoilers in the comments! I’m only on episode 37…