Breastfeeding Mom Banned From Maryland Gym

  • A breastfeeding woman in Annapolis, Maryland, has been banned from her gym because she refused to cover up. However, Maryland law says women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere they are legally allowed to be with their children. [Capital Gazette]
  • An interview with a lapsed Christian virgin about “purity.” [The Hairpin]
  • On the coat hanger as a symbol of restricted reproductive rights. [The Atlantic]
  • An open letter to “legitimate rape” douchebag Rep. Todd Akin from women of color activists. [ColorLines]
  • The Weekly Standard has defended Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s attempt (with Akin and other Republicans) to redefine the definition of rape. [Mother Jones]
  • Also, Ryan is still defending his stance against reproductive rights. [NPR]
  • “Parks & Recreation” actress Amy Poehler is taking a stand for domestic workers rights. [Think Progress]
  • Texas women are traveling to Mexico for the abortion pill because it’s easier to get there than in their own state. For shame, Texas. []
  • Steadily working mothers have better longterm health than women in other demographics. [New York Times]
  • Blogger Amanda Marcotte on how Romneycare likely lowered the abortion rate in Massachusetts. [Slate]
  • Tabloid editor Janice Min is pissed about the obsession with women getting back to their pre-baby weight. Well, well, well, isn’t that rich? [Jezebel]
  • On sexual harassment on Indian streets. [NPR]
  • Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she is the victim of a “very sexist smear campaign.” [The Age AU]
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