Youngest Republican Delegate To Platform Committee Stirs Up Controversy

Yesterday, delegates to the Republican National Convention met yesterday in Tampa, Florida, to finalize the party’s platform on various controversial issues, including abortion, with the youngest member of the platform committee, Jackie Curtiss, 22, having the most to say.

Staunchly anti-abortion, Curtiss objected to an amendment to the platform banning medication “that terminates human life after conception.” The amendment aims to outlaw “abortion pills,” as they are sometimes called, which could, Curtiss worried, potentially include the “morning after pill.” Curtiss emphasized that platform needed to make it clear that the Republican party is welcoming to women, and that such extreme positions could be alienating. Curtiss was also the only person in attendance who referred to Rep. Todd Akin by name, despite the ongoing media attention devoted to his ignorant comments about “forcible rape” and incidences of pregnancy.

“I think it’s a huge issue. I think you can tell that by all the Republican candidates coming out in opposition to him,” she said. “We don’t need to get hung up on him, but we also don’t need to support policies that mirror his.”

Curtiss, a political science and business major at the University of Montevallo, is the National Committeewoman for the Young Republican Federation of Alabama and a member of the Finance Committee for the Young Republican National Federation. In addition to raising some eyebrows with her position on the morning-after pill, she also opposed the language used in the platform in regards to abstinence-only education.

“I’m from Alabama,” Curtiss said. “We have abstinence-only education, we also have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. While I support abstinence and I think it’s something to teach our kids, I also am realistic and understand a majority of our kids are not waiting until marriage to have sex.”

Curtiss believes that as the youngest delegate to the platform committee by nearly a decade, she must stand up for the young Republicans who are more concerned with jobs and the economy than social issues. Curtiss’ fervent objection to some of the positions laid out in the proposed platform shows how important it is for both parties to have participants of all ages included in deciding where they stand on the issues. [Buzzfeed]