Our 10 Favorite Real Band Performances In Movies

Over the weekend, I went to a brunch screening of the John Cusack classic “Better Off Dead.” I’ve seen it about a zillion times before — isn’t it the best? — but I’d forgotten about the New Year’s Eve dance scene. In it, Cusack and pals go to a school dance where E.G. Daily sings the titular song. E.G. Daily, you might recall, is also in the movie “Valley Girl,” and is just the best. Her performance reminded me of several other of my favorite real bands and singers performing in movies. Click through to see 9 more faves…

Band: 7 Year Bitch
“Mad Love”

Watch Drew Barrymore totally rock out to 7 Year Bitch while some dude tries to chat her up. Remember when Drew Barrymore was in Hole for a hot second?

What’s your favorite band performance in a movie?