Cheap & Chic: Kate Spade’s Hobo Bag, That A Real Hobo Might Be Able To Afford

Jessica loves this Kate Spade Cobble Hill Kori hobo bag. It’s very much in Jessica’s style — feminine, soft and classic. But she’s really not feeling the bag’s $478 price tag. So rather than go into major debt for a purse, we’ve offered to find her similar bags at a much more pleasing price point. Check out what we’ve found after the jump!

Parentsi Beige Hobo Bag, $109
Hurley Prism Hobo II Purple, $40

The Parentsi bag is made from a soft sueded leather, while the Hurley bag is made from faux leather, which accounts for the $69 price difference between the two. For our money, we’d spend a bit more for the Parentsi, because real leather will endure more and last longer than the fake stuff.

Got something expensive you’d love to find for cheap? Let us know!