Anthropologie Makes Their First Foray Into Beauty With An Exclusive Lipstick Line

Anthropologie gives me a complex. I walk in and I’m like, “I want this life,” which turns into “Does anyone actually have this life?,” which quickly becomes “Why is this life so goddamn expensive?” I go because I want one top; I emerge with that top, a whimsical set of $20 bobby pins, a $60 coffee table book, and maybe some driftwood or tree branches. Don’t even get me started on their beauty section — as the biggest sucker of all time for gorgeously packaged items I definitely don’t need, I am all over it. Basically, Anthropologie is a well-designed trap, and they get me every time. It’s shabby chic, you guys! I need it!

So yeah, um, it kind of goes without saying that I avoid setting foot in those wooden-doored wonderlands at all costs, but that definitely won’t stop me from ordering their new lipstick line come its launch next month. The brand is debuting an exclusive collection, called Albeit (so quirky!), comprised of six universally flattering fall-ready shades. The subdued offerings are a touch different from what I usually go for (read: a flesh-toned nude or the most eye-searing neon pink possible), but with that classic gold tube I don’t think I’ll be able to resist picking up just one. At $18, they’re considerably more expensive than a Wet ‘n’ Wild (or a MAC, for that matter), but if you’ve ever wept over a sumptuous Serge Lutens, then you know it could be worse. [Glamour]