The Best & Worst Things Our Therapists Have Said To Us

When a therapist hits you with a zinger, it’s the kind of thing that stays with your forever. Best case scenario: it’s sage wisdom or advice that changes your life. Worst case scenario: it’s so wildly offensive or off-the mark that you know you have to dump your shrink. After the jump, I canvased Frisky staffers and friends for their therapists’ very best and worst one-liners. Share yours in the comments!

The Best:

  • “Get a day planner, listen to these existential philosophy CDs and I’ll see you next week.”
  • “Your charm and intelligence will get you nowhere with me, so check it at the door.”
  • “Ride the question.”
  • In response to being embarrassed by a night of drunken sex: “He’s not thinking about you, he’s probably too consumed by being embarrassed by his own behavior.”
  • “Focusing on what another person might be thinking/doing/feeling takes you out of the present moment and away from what’s more important; how you’re feeling/thinking/doing.”
  • “You can’t change another person, only how you react to them.”
  • “Yoga will help calm your OCD/ADD mind.”
  • “You might feel trapped or stuck in a situation but you never really are. Even concrete can be broken.”
  • “You can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself first.”
  • “Control is always an illusion.”
  • “You can’t take other people’s behavior personally.”

The Worst:

  • “Maybe you could be a little less intense.”
  • When I said my boyfriend wanted to have more sex than me: “Well, men just like sex more than women do. You’ll have to compromise.”
  • In response to saying I was bored with my life: “Don’t you think that only boring people get bored?”
  • The day my boyfriend and I broke up: “Go out and flirt with someone else.”
  • “Try not to cry as much.”
  • “Wow, you’re pretty fucked up.”
  • “Men and women are wired differently, so of course your boyfriend thinks that.”
  • In response to saying I had body image issues: “Just stop eating, like me.”


Surely you’ll have some of your own zingers to add in the comments. Please share.