President Obama Jokes Again About Daughter Malia Not Being Allowed To Date

  • Barack Obama told “Entertainment Tonight” that Malia may not be allowed to date “until she’s 30 or 35.” Sorry, President Obama, but your jokes about not letting Malia date are a little paternalistic. And anyway, she’s 14, which is like the new 27. [Uptown Magazine]
  • This dog-shaming Tumblr of pups with signs like “I ate my own barf” is the best thing I’ll see all year. [The FW]
  • Squee! Adorable animals weigh-in at the London Zoo. [Socialite Life]
  • Erstwhile songstress Lana Del Rey has been named the face of Jaguar. Wait, wasn’t this a plot point on “Mad Men”? [PopCrush]
  • LL Cool J actually caught a burglar inside his home and apparently bruised the crap out of him. Don’t try that at home, kids. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Stop it: this grumpy bulldog puppy is too cute for words. [BuzzFeed]
  • Oh no! Sugar daddies and sugar babies are politically divided! How will they ever cope?!?! [Queerty]
  • Craft time: how to make your own potpourri. [Gurl]
  • Celine Dion has an adorable girl crush on Adele. It’s not like Winona’s girl crush on Celine, which is just embarrassing. [The Gloss]
  • Bitch please, as if I need your help shopping the Kate Spade two-day sale. [Racked]
  • Benedict Cumberbatch gets all awkward talking about “Sherlock” fan fiction. Aww. [Crushable]

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