Paul Ryan Backpedals On His Politically Inconvenient Views Regarding “Forcible Rape”

Poor anti-abortion Republicans. It must be so hard having the general public pay attention to your extremist views. Case in point: Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is against legal abortion and joined Republicans — including Rep. Todd Akin! —  last year to try to rewrite language in the No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act (background here), saying government funding could only cover abortions in the case of “forcible rape.”

The language was rejected when more reasonable minds were horrified that a woman who had been roofied and raped would be told “no” if she asked for help terminating a pregnancy resulting from it. Because that’s rape, too.  The implication was, of course, that if a woman wasn’t “forcibly” raped — as in, a man jumps out from the behind the bushes — she might be lying and really doesn’t deserve to get help ending her pregnancy. You might even say she was not the victim of a “legitimate rape.”

What an inconvenient position to hold right now! Now Ryan is backpedaling from his past comments and actions. (It’s in the service of getting Romney elected, of course — I’m not convinced he will actually bend on this issue at all.) When pressed by a TV reporter about why he had sought to redefine rape as “forcible,” Ryan insisted over and over again, “Rape is rape.”

I mean, it’s great he came to this realization? Especially after the president said it two days ago? But sorry, you don’t get a cookie for switching from a No-Abortions-For-You-Because-Some-Women-Lie-About-Rape-Extremist to a Shit-People-Are-Paying-Attention-Now-“ALL RAPE IS BAD”-Extremist. []

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