Crowd-Sourcing: What Are Your Secrets For Getting Really Smooth, Hair-Free, Bump-Free Legs?

I have a confession to make: I’m 33-years-old and I still don’t know how to shave my legs. I mean, okay, I know how to shave my legs, but I don’t know how to shave my legs. Not in a way that doesn’t result in ingrown hairs, irritation, and ashy skin. I am really bad at it, and I have to do it all the time because I am eastern European and blessed (cursed) with thick, dark, coarse leg hair that grows with the speed and veracity of a toddler on HGH.

And that’s where you come in…

Tell me your secrets! I want to be one of those fabulous girls with the smooth, hair-free, bump-free legs but I don’t know how. What products do you use? How do you achieve maximum awesomeness in shaving? I can’t afford laser treatments or regular waxing, so keep that in mind.

Help! My legs and I are desperate!