Rep. Todd Akin Asks For “Forgiveness,” Finally Admits Pregnancy Can Result From Rape

Well, I guess I can finally put away my hand mirror. My wrist was starting cramp up and I think I threw out my back. See, I’ve spent the last 36 or so hours looking for my APRMT — that stands for Anti-Pregnancy Rape Mechanism Thingmajig — which Rep. Todd Akin said kicks in when a woman is “legitimately” raped in order to prevent pregnancy. But I guess, 36 hours later, he’s finally admitting rape can result for pregnancy and the APRMT doesn’t exist? Well, what took him so long? I mean, I know yesterday he clarified that he thinks rape is terrible. (How kind of him.) But it wasn’t until the message above, in which he asks for forgiveness, that he actually admits that the information he presented as FACT — that doctors had told him “the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down” — is actually not true. Thanks for getting around to it, Rep. Akin. I know you’re busy!

Here’s the thing though. Despite saying, “I have a compassionate heart for the victims of sexual assault. I pray for them,” that prayer and compassion only goes so far. Because Rep. Akin is still one of those incredibly conservative politicians who believes that women who have been impregnated by their rapists should not be allowed to have an abortion. He doesn’t think abortion should be legal, period. He doesn’t believe in second chances for women who become pregnant — from rape, from failed birth control, from a broken condom, or because they made a mistake – but is asking for a second chance himself. Lucky for him, it’s not up to me, as I’m not one of his constituents. Because if I was, being woefully sluggish in clearing up the poppycock he presented as biological fact and still supporting anti-abortion legislation that demonstrates the antithesis of compassion for rape victims, would get him a big, fat “FORGIVENESS DENIED.” But that’s just me. [Talking Points Memo]