Male Model Suing Chris Brown And Drake Over Nightclub Fight

  • A male model has joined the rash of lawsuits filed against Chris Brown and Drake after their entourages “rumbled,” as they say in “West Side Story,” at a NYC night club last month. Model Romain Julien says his pretty, pretty hand was injured in the fight and his career might suffer because of it. [PopCrush]
  • Mariah Carey supposedly doesn’t want to work with Nicki Minaj on “American Idol” and everyone will be miserable if Kanye West joins the judges table. #RealTalk [Celebrity Cafe, Celebrity Cafe]
  • Can a dude tell when you fake an orgasm? (Girl, why are you faking orgasms?! Stop that right this instant. He’ll never learn that way.) [Gurl]

  • Your dog chases his tail? He might have OCD. (Or he is just being a dog.) [The FW]
  • “The Office” is dunzo after season nine. [Huffington Post]
  • The bachelor pads of Apartment Therapy are 600 times nicer than any dude apartment that I’ve ever been in. [Apartment Therapy]

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