Join The Racy Reading Club — With A Sexy Reading Pic

Guys, not only is reading FUNdemental — it can also be super sexy. Personally, I do almost all of my reading in bed, which is not as titillating as it sounds, because I’m usually wearing ratty pajamas and some kind of disgusting face mask. But you get the idea. Which is why the ladies of The Gloss would like you to send them a picture of yourself — sexily reading a book.

The Gloss would like you to send in a picture of “reading while sexy.” As they explain, sexy is whatever it means to you. “If it means riding a lawnmower in a Teletubby suit, well, I like that TheGloss accepts all kinds. I’d prefer not to feature nudity unless it ‘s really creatively done, in which case, okay, go for it. Reading is defined as ‘you should probably have a book in front of you in the picture.’ Or a Kindle. Something.”

Send the pictures – along with your name and a book recommendation to share – to The Gloss]