I’m Sorry, What? Katrina Darling Is An Embarrassment For Kate, But Prince Harry Dressed As A Nazi And We’re Cool?

So, by now most of us know that Kate Middleton has a (very distant) cousin named Katrina Darling who is a burlesque dancer. Ms. Darling just posed on the cover of Playboy and some of the words being used by the media to somberly describe how Ms. Middleton feels about this matter are “embarrassed,” “ashamed,” and “disheartened.”

Remember when Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi for Halloween? “Yes,” (probably some of) you say. But do you? Do we? Because it seemed like after the photos surfaced of him in a Nazi outfit, all he was given was a verbal lashing by the press for a week and Prince Charles’ version of Hank Hill’s “Dangit Bobby!” and then it pretty much disappeared. Yes, he apologized. “He made a mistake!” people say.

You know how I make a mistake?

I make a mistake by leaving my cell phone in the car. I make a mistake by calling someone by the wrong name. I make a mistake when I give the wrong change. I have never, once, in my entire life, made a mistake where I wound up at a costume party dressed as a Nazi.

But, like with Mel Gibson, John Galliano, or Charlie Sheen, all of whom have made similar “mistakes” when it comes to having a knack for being anti-Semitic, we’ve either turned our backs for 15 minutes, or worse, used their own drunken catchphrases back at them in a show of warped solidarity (“WINNING!”).

Even Jodie Foster has ridden in on her white horse and taken up the cause. When Gibson had his own personal Titanic, she used the media to leap to his defense, insisting that he’s really cool and like, sure, he said the Jews caused all of the wars in the world, but like, how funny was he in “What Women Want,” right you guys? He was wearing tights and exfoliating! And, you know, in “Braveheart” he was the Braveheart and so forth. So it’s fine!

(Also, Jodie Foster: please, please stop trying to defend people through the media. You complain that the media should back off your friends TO THE MEDIA. Am I supposed to feel all warm and happy inside that you stepped up and said a bunch of personal things about a twentysomething you worked with over 10 years ago? Get it together, Jodie! Don’t worry about her! Kristen Stewart will be fine without you!)

But back to hating Jews. I cannot understand why saying the Jews called all the world’s wars, or dress like a Nazi for fun, or use anti-Semitic slurs after a few too many glasses of French wine, gets basically a free pass in the court of public opinion. And yet if you’re related to a famous — or in this case, royal-by-marriage — person and do something as whatever as pose naked in a magazine, you get branded a”whore” on dozens of websites and are suddenly a source of shame for the new Duchess. How sad is it that a black bra and panties is a more scandalous outfit than a Nazi uniform? Am I taking crazy pills?

What do you think?