“Bachelor Pad” Recap: The Great Fall Of Michael

*Spoiler alerts abound! * “Bachelor Pad” producers inadvertently shit on their own show last night by trying to save their villain Chris. Everyone wanted that diabolical douche out of there after last week’s love square fallout, but then the “Pad” gods intervened and ended up sacrificing the only two people who ever say remotely amusing things — Michael Stagliano and Erica Rose. Your stupid plan backfired, producers. Is there even any reason to watch anymore? Not really. Blakelely can be mildly entertaining at times and Ed is fun to laugh at when he’s drunk. But can they carry a show? HELL NO. After the jump, how karma farted on Michael and shined on Chris … and some interesting moments in between.

It gets confusing from here on out, but basically, Michael does something kind of shady for the first time ever and tries to convince Erica that Chris has hatched a plan to get rid of her, when it was really his idea. Then Chris makes “Bachelor Pad” history by pulling Erica Rose in the voting room and voting in front of her to prove his innocence. [Since when is that allllllowed? Does Chris get to do whatever he wants on this show?! — Editor] Bye, Michael. I guess the coffee mugs or fate were stacked against him. Here’s the important takeaway here: When liars tell the truth, they are rewarded, when honest people lie, they are punished. Because “Bachelor Pad” is a deep show and there are lessons to be learned.