Unlikely Style Icon: Monique, The French Girl In “Better Off Dead”

I watched the ’80s classic “Better Off Dead” this weekend, and wow, hindsight really is 20/20. First off, it’s pretty clear that John Cusack’s character Lane Meyer is kind of an obsessive psycho when it comes to his girlfriend Beth. Um, hangers with her picture on them? Cuh-raaaaaazy. Second, Beth is pretty much a wet blanket, and it’s so obvious that Lane’s neighbor, exotically cool French foreign exchange student Monique, is a way better match. For one, she’s French. But also, she likes sports, and can fix a car, and can spot Lane’s major problem (that he gives up before even trying) from a mile away. Plus, her fashion is so, so good.

For most of the movie, she wears an oversized winter coat with a porkpie hat and a lot of boyish layers. Somehow it totally works, but we realize her look may not be for everyone, so we’ve updated the baggy boyish thing with some contemporary touches. Click through to see our interpretation.

1. Nixon Post Porkpie Hat, $35
2. Paige Denim Skyline Skinny Jeans, $158
3. Pure & Simple Oversized Cardigan, $21.99
4. Joie Pinot Plaid Top, $158
5. Big Buddha Women’s Ballerina Flat, $39.95
6. Limited Menswear Vest, $69.90

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