Actress Reveals “Downton Abbey” Spoiler-y Stuff

I’m purposefully putting this “Downton Abbey” spoiler-y stuff after the jump so no one has a heart attack and dies and then it is on my conscience. I won’t even tell you which Crawley sister the spoiler involves! You have to click “Read more” to find out. Really.

Okay, so here’s the scoop:

At the end of season two, Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary were engaged. In season three, they actually get married — which I will confess, I did not think would actually happen because they’re so fraught with trouble. Always. But Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary, has blabbed to the UK’s Mirror newspaper all about the dress and filming the ceremony.

I felt a bit like Kate Middleton with all the security, but we didn’t want people seeing the dress before the day. I’d never worn a wedding dress – I’ve never filmed an on-screen wedding before. I loved it. It’s a truly stunning dress and I’m sure people will make some comparisons with the royal wedding. As we arrived at the church and stepped out of the carriage the crowds were just amazing, with all these supporting artists cheering us on.

Added Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew:

There was quite a lot of security and it was crawling with paparazzi. I didn’t actually see Michelle in the dress till she walked down the aisle which was pretty realistic.

Well that is cute. And then there’s the cousinly consummation of the nuptials! Stevens promises: “It doesn’t get pornographic but there’s a newly-wed undercurrent.” Not sure what “a newly-wed undercurrent” means. (I’m guessing it’s not butt sex.) At least Mary gets to have sex with someone who does not up and die on her.


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