Beauty Test Drive: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

I think I’ve mentioned my love for Revlon Lip Butters a few times now, most recently in the context of my summer makeup routine, but I thought it was time to make things official and ask Lip Butter to marry me write up a full Beauty Test Drive. This awesome lip balm/lipstick hybrid is the bestselling lip color of the year, and I’ve contributed to its success by buying three shades (so far) and recommending it to many of my friends, especially the ones who are hesitant about lipstick. Want to know why? Get the scoop, after the jump…

Price/Availability: $7.49, Drugstores

Packaging: Twist-up container with a cute quilted lid that reflects one of 20 different shades.

Formula: Lip Butter is the perfect name for this product, because the texture is super smooth and creamy, thanks to a blend of mango, shea, and coconut butters. My lips tend to get very dry and this stuff glides on flawlessly, providing a soothing dose of moisturizers in the process. The colors are sheer but surprisingly bright. Here are the shades I’m wearing in the photos above, from left to right:

Peach Parfait: A natural peachy nude with a touch of shimmer. This is favorite for everyday wear because it’s very close to my natural lip color but adds a bit of extra color and shine.

Candy Apple: I own about a thousand red lipsticks, and this has quickly become my favorite, even though it’s more of a lip balm than a lipstick. As you can see the color is a bright, saturated red with a glossy finish. In the photo I put on a layer and didn’t mess with it at all, but one of my favorite ways to wear it is to put it on and blot it a bit with a tissue: the moisturizing ingredients will sink into your lips but the color will transform into a gorgeous, subtle red stain.

Cupcake: A bright pink with a frosted finish. I love this color but the frostiness can veer a bit too close to Courtney Stodden territory for my taste. I usually blot this one down a bit as well.

Wear Time: If I had to dock points somewhere, I guess it would be here. While the moisturizing ingredients benefit your lips all day long, the colors don’t last a super long time–maybe 2-3 hours. I don’t mind that much, because I keep these in my purse and use them more like a chapstick, reapplying every couple hours, but if you’re looking for a long-wear lipstick, you probably want to look elsewhere.

Overall: Lip Butters are a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle lip color or a pretty solution for dry lips. I’d also encourage you to give them a try if you don’t like the look or feel of traditional lipsticks. The creamy texture and sheer color make them comfortable to wear and easy to apply. My friend Becca swore she could never pull off red lips, but I insisted she try Lip Butter and she’s become a huge fan of the “Red Velvet” shade (a deep berry red). If Becca can do it, so can you!

Rating: 4.5/5