Ryan Gosling Believes In Marriage Before Children; Eva Mendes Doesn’t Believe In Marriage

  • Trouble in Ryan Gosling Land! The Gos believes in “marital commitment before children,” says a source, but girlfriend Eva Mendes “doesn’t support the institution of marriage.” Oh no, what will they do? Well, the same source says Mendes is considering proposing to Gosling because she’s 38 and the biological clock is ticking. Which seems like a weird thing to do if she does not believe in marriage, right? Anyway, Ryan should really be a gentleman and respond to Amelia’s marriage proposal first. [Or we can just live in sin. Whatever he wants. I don’t care. Call me, Ryan! — Editor] [Celebitchy]
  • Lady Gaga got rushed by a fan in Romania. Luckily a bodyguard was on hand to take the guy out. [Celebrity Cafe, PopCrush]
  • Also, Ke$ha says that alleged open letter from her to Gaga about wearing fur is fake. [PopCrush]
  • Kris Smith: you had me at “shirtless soccer stud.” [Socialite Life]
  • Infatuation … the silent relationship killer. [A New Mode]
  • A “Dark Knight” kitten! [The FW]
  • Totally lazy back-to-school shopping tips. [Gurl]
  • Jennifer Lawrence was apparently heard blabbing about how she would never cheat on her boyfriend with an older director like Kristen Stewart did. Oh no you didn’t, girl! [Dlisted]
  • Speaking of K-Stew, she has moved on from ice cream and is now apparently “living on” Red Bull and cigarettes post-breakup, AKA the Lindsay Lohan diet. [Celebitchy]
  • 20,000 pairs of fake Louboutins are about to be set on fire. [The Gloss]

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