10 Ideas For Ryan Lochte’s Burgeoning Television Career

In this “Access Hollywood” interview, Ryan Lochte spoke “thoughtfully” (nice word choice) about his very first acting role on “90210.” “Memorizing lines, and trying to like, say them and still like, do movement and all that. That was hard,” the Olympian said. Yes Ryan, talking and moving at the same time is hard. That’s why actors get paid so well.

He’s going to have to get used to it if wants a future in Hollywood, as he says he does. Aside from his “90210” debut, he also expressed interest in appearing on “The Bachelor.” “Before I was training so much that I didn’t have time for a girlfriend … and .. cause I wanted to give that perfect someone, like, my heart,” he explained. “And now that the Olympics are over I definitely want to settle down.” But he wants to settle down with Blake Lively, so the whole “Bachelor” format may not work out. That’s OK, though. We see all sorts of roles in his future. After the jump, our suggestions for Ryan’s burgeoning career. We hope his agent is listening.

“Bachelor Pad.” Since he’s not quite right for “The Bachelor,” he could take a crack at the Pad, and the one-night-stands his mother wants him to have. He might also be the only contestant physically able to beat Michael Stagliano at challenges.

“Dancing WIth the Stars.” We already know he looks good in spandex. Those costumes are made for him. Added bonus: he wouldn’t really have to speak!

“Drop Dead Diva.” I don’t have any idea what this show is about, but Jake Pavelka was on it, which leads me to believe that Lochte could pull it off.

“Glee.” NeNe Leakes aka Roz Washington needs a hot, assistant swim coach, don’t you think? I envision him never speaking, just following her around in a speedo and feeding her grapes.

“The Real World.” There’s a hot tub! And it will be the perfect forum for him to get out all of his post-Olympics angst.

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Maybe they can contract him to date one of the younger Kardashian sisters. Are they of age soon?

“Celebrity Apprentice.” I would be thrilled to watch Ryan attempt to be Project Manager.

“Punk’d.” Put a trucker hat on him and make him the host.

“Toddlers & Tiaras” or “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” He would be a really good pageant coach. The boy knows a thing or two about flippers and pretty feet.

What other roles would you like to see Ryan Lochte play? Please share in the comments.