10 Celebs Who’ve (Tried) To Trademark Catchphrases

More Ryan Lochte news! In addition to becoming an actor, Ryan has just filed the paperwork to trademark his annoying catchphrase, “Jeah!” which he says means something “good.” According to an interview he did a few years back, he appropriated the word from the rapper Young Jeezy, who said “Chea!”

According to TMZ, the Olympian plans to brand every product imaginable, from swimsuits to water bottles, with his catchphrase. In fact, he’s already selling some of these items on his website. Who knows, maybe there are “Jeah!” grills in his future. If his trademark gets approved, he’s gonna make bank. Because everyone wants “Jeah!” branded merchandise, right? That Lochte’s one smart cookie. Click on through to see some more catchphrases that celebs trademarked … or at least attempted to. [TMZ[Photo: WENN]