Love It Or Leave It: Lady Gaga’s Moschino Moment

People tend to have strong feelings about Lady Gaga — her music and her fashion and her Little Monster-ism. While Rachel gets the douchechills from her, I tend to think she’s pretty fun. Of course, she stole about a zillion things from Leigh Bowery and other ’80s and 90s club kids, but generally it’s pretty entertaining to see what that crazy bitch has been up to. Here she is in Bucharest, descending into the masses, or trying to walk to her hotel, and just generally making a scene. I am really feeling the gold brocaded Moschino dress, but God, why would you ever wear those tights with it? They seem to have some hideous electronic element to them which is just tack-tack-tacky. Not that I’d expect anything less than that from Gaga. But what do you think of this look? Do you love it, or do you think it should go the way of her stupid tea cup accessory? Answer in the poll after the jump! [Photo: CHP/Fame/Flynet]

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