30 Places To Meet An End-Of-Summer Fling

Can I tell you something sort of depressing? The summer is almost over (okay, two sort of depressing things) … and I haven’t gotten any action in months. You guys, I need to have a summer fling. The weather will only be warm enough for strappy sundresses for a little while longer. I must put this tan to good use! To encourage and inspire this quest of mine — and yours, if you too are looking for a summer fling — I have made a list of 30 possible places to maybe might meet someone rad. Who knows … maybe they’ll be rad enough that our little fling will become the real thing come fall…

  1. At a beach bar. I like heading out to Rockaway Beach in Queens and having a beer on the boardwalk before heading home. Plenty of city boys gettin’ their beach on to chat with.
  2. At the sunglasses kiosk at the mall. Give your approval for him to buy those knockoff Ray-Bans.
  3. Tubing. The first time I went tubing this summer, I hitched a ride on the back of a dude’s jet ski. I don’t mean that in a naughty way … or do I?
  4. At a pig roast.
  5. At the tanning salon where you’re making your summer glow last longer. Okay, so maybe only gorilla juiceheads like Pauly D get spray tans, but this is a fling we’re talking about, not the love of your life. Unless you go for that sort of thing long term.
  6. At the local swimmin’ hole.
  7. Music festival. You know you’ve already got something in common — a love of indie bands and a willingness to spend $5 on bottles of water!
  8. A lobster bake. Share your pile of napkins with the funny dude making a mess.
  9. Back to school sales. If you’re young enough to still in school, keep an eye out for dudes buying backpacks, notebooks, or university-affiliated hoodies. If you’re out of school, troll for ringless dads (a sign they might be single) buying lunchboxes.
  10. At the marina. Lately I’ve been interested in hooking up with or dating someone with access to a boat. Sailor, pirate, or deckhand — you’ll find them all at the marina. Ahoy, boys!
  11. Fishing off a pier. Even if you’re not fishing yourself, you can praise that large bass he just reeled in.
  12. On a picnic.
  13. Driving an ice cream truck. Think of the perks!
  14. Freshman week at a college. Provided you’re still in school yourself, of course, freshman are fresh meat and fair game.
  15. A wedding. Instead of dragging along a male friend as your date, go solo — there are guaranteed to be plenty of single fellas there as well.
  16. Online. Sign up for How About We and suggest a date that takes advantage of the warm weather.
  17. Bookstore. See someone pick up a copy of a book you loved? Say so, and then suggest something else they might like as well.
  18. In the condiment aisle at the grocery store. Mmm, he likes spicy mustard too. 
  19. At the ATM. Seriously, one of the Frisky gals actually met a dude while standing in line for the ATM, so I don’t see why it can’t happen to me too.
  20. In the park.
  21. At a rooftop party. Point out the awesome sunset to the nearest cute stranger.
  22. Golf course or driving range. Maybe you’ll hit another kind of hole in one…
  23. Beer garden. Drink fancy ales and discuss hop varieties with the hottie sitting alone at the bar.
  24. Join a coed sports league. In years past, I have gotten so much action from playing in a bowling league. I’m thinking of taking up pool next.
  25. Squirt gun fight. This is a little daring, but while hanging out at the park with friends, shoot unsuspecting (and cute) dudes nearby. Best case scenario he has a sense of humor and is single!
  26. 5K finish line. Offer a hot fellow finish line crosses an impulsive-seeming congratulatory, “We did it!” hug.
  27. While riding bikes. I once met a dude when my tire blew out and he helped me move my bike out of traffic.
  28. At the bike shop. Maybe the guy repairing your busted bike will throw in a new basket and a date.
  29. On a hike.
  30. At the ER. Twisted your ankle on that hike? Bet the guy who broke his nose surfing that you’re in more pain.
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