Well Played: Chloë Sevigny Gets Sweet-Meets-Edgy Just Right

Chloë Sevigny is what I would call the O.G. style and on-screen blowjob innovator of the past two decades. Before Tilda Swinton, before Marina Diamantis, before Alexa Chung, there was Chloë — she managed to breathe new life into the high-fashion avant-garde without going all Daphne Guinness (who I adore, but admittedly errs on the side of performance art), imbuing her covetable wardrobe with just as much Manhattan skater-boy street style as frothy Chanel. Her sense of style was unusual for sure, but you would still look at her outfits and go, “I want to wear that. All of it.”

I’m always happy to see the patron saint and long-reigning It girl of the indie set out and about, even during a stretch of more misses than hits, because what is sartorial originality if it isn’t taking risks? Chloë has never been afraid to look ridiculous (see: the cuh-razy  Louis Vuitton “dress” made out of, like, mirror fragments that she wore to the Met Ball), which makes it all the more rewarding when she kills it in a way that the average person can appreciate. This look is borderline boring for Chloë, but an on-trend floral dress in springtime pastels, not to mention the most flattering shape I think I’ve ever seen her in, paired with tough, high-heeled black booties epitomizes the actress’ trademark downtown cool. (Oh, and that little Hermès she’s got there? I love that it’s low-key enough to fly under the radar — it whispers, not shouts, “I’m fancy.”) I may be biased, though, because this is head-to-toe something I would wear every day.